Hail Queen 1/1

Sheila Mwaniki

Sometimes greatness does not mean big screens, fancy life and cars, but the little things one does to impact lives around them. We hardly recognize those type of women in our lives that ensure that every small detail is catered for,  that mama mboga on the street, that lady cobbler, that tailor, that writer, that nurse and doctor. This month as we celebrate  our women,  Our first highlight is to recognize our local women, the entrepreneurs and the women who have grown from pain to glory.

Our first highlight goes to Sheila Mwaniki, a woman who has fought life against all odds, she has survived through  thick and thin and has never at any point let her past define her success, she is now an African jeweler designer at TRM mall Thika Road, and a Lawyer…

Sheila is a christian woman who believes that God is the center of everything, she tells us that success is one step at a time, her life story moves masses as she reveals more about her.

Click on the link to know more about her journey.











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