son of the soil…

it has been said by those that say and written by those that write that a true son of his mother land is one who identifies himself with the very soil from whence he sprung.

that a man tied to his roots is a man who will bleed for his roots. such is a man who stands for what he believes in and seldom waivers from his resolve.

we bring you Mr. Muthukia Wachira.


In his own right , he is a visual artist. with a mastery of its own he uses still images and video to express himself  and mirror what his artistic eyes see in society.

you will find him at events covering photography and video with such meticulous detail and bottomless passion and zeal.and when he is not behind the lens doing a photo or video shoot or portrait photographs you will definitely find him at Kenyatta University where he studies.

come and meet up with Mr. Wachira and the entire team at our focus based forums.

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