whats up with your stereo(type)?

spacer.gifdearly beloved… we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to…

pause right there…hold on to that thought…for a bit, just enough for us to paint the picture

by definition, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality.

my name is not important. but you can call me James. i believe i am a wonderful human being and that my thought processes are the most sober in the globe. for instance…

i believe prostitution is a heinous act and anybody practicing it should be abused.i mean…i do it all the time. i always make sure i leave her my coins and a thorough beating.( pssssst…..this one time…i beat one up….i thought she died.)

me? oh there is nothing wrong with me! its up to me to teach those prostitutes that theirs is a filthy profession. and i will do so till i breath no more…

hello…my name is Joyce…i am deeply in love with my boyfriend. i have wanted to leave him for so long but i just love him too much. see good men are hard to find and i know he is good. i mean…he brings me flowers and buys me stuff and holds my hand and beats up anyone who tries to “hurt” me. sure he beats me up too, but for a valid reason. like this one time…i gave him a blue mug instead of his favorite yellow mug. or this other time i left the lights on and went to work till evening…life in town is hard you know…you have to save as much as you can. i think i deserved what came to me. and in any case, isn’t a relationship about perseverance? isn’t it for better or for worse too…like marriage? right?

hey you…my name is grey but you can call me G. and i am gods gift to all women. i mean…how can y’ll ladies not want a piece of this sugar? i have this friend though…lets call him jack. jack has a girl for a best friend and he expects me to believe that elephants can fly and they are not sleeping together?

how? that’s insane! leave me in a room with a girl in a room for five minutes and i will pimp her out homie!

hi…my name is Jack. my best friend is called Jane and NO…we do not sleep together…and NO I AM NOT GAY! its just that simple.

hello world…you can call me ‘D’. that’s short for Dee or Diva. (depending on how much we know each other). I am the prettiest little thing on earth and i believe i am Gods gift to men because i am beautiful and gorgeous and if you do not find me jaw dropping attractive then you have a serious problem that needs fast and efficient medical attention! You all should-be lining up to pay this beautiful work of art homage. i don’t cook, clean or do dishes. i am pretty. period! that should be enough.its more than you bargained for.

hello…my name is society.i have been in existence for…give or take…a few hundred years. i have been approving and disapproving women here and there for a very long time and i believe that i have the relevant experience that it takes to qualify or disqualify a woman. first and foremost… any woman who does not aspire for marriage is automatically an outcast and should be treated and handled as such and with extreme prejudice. its really not rocket science.

i also believe all men are the same and all women are to be protected. how would anyone in their right senses allude to the notion that a woman ( as fragile as she is) could do anything to hurt a man? only women can be raped. only men have the rigidity of thought to commit such a heinous act as rape. that said… all men are perpetrators and only women can be victims.Case closed!


Join us this Saturday 27th February at the creatives Garage off ngong road along Kirichwa road the first black gate on your left on the first  right hand turn opposite light girls academy  as we serve you with a cocktail of performances whilst wespacer demystify these and other stereotypes that hang dangerously so  over our heads….

the discussion starts at 2pm and ends at 6pm.


son of the soil…

it has been said by those that say and written by those that write that a true son of his mother land is one who identifies himself with the very soil from whence he sprung.

that a man tied to his roots is a man who will bleed for his roots. such is a man who stands for what he believes in and seldom waivers from his resolve.

we bring you Mr. Muthukia Wachira.


In his own right , he is a visual artist. with a mastery of its own he uses still images and video to express himself  and mirror what his artistic eyes see in society.

you will find him at events covering photography and video with such meticulous detail and bottomless passion and zeal.and when he is not behind the lens doing a photo or video shoot or portrait photographs you will definitely find him at Kenyatta University where he studies.

come and meet up with Mr. Wachira and the entire team at our focus based forums.